Vantage point

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Who's more sluttish?

There is a prevailing belief that men are more "sluttish", i.e, men leer more, fantasize more, and flirt more with the opposite sex than women, because men are supposed to "plant the seed" and are the active seekers.

I don't buy this argument of males having a greater proclivity towards
"exploring" because they have to plant the seed. Logically speaking,
women should have the same proclivity, because they would actively
look for seed-givers. Biologically, there is no clear cut evidence to
defend the conjecture that men have a right to be more....errrr....

The reason men are usually more of philanderers than women, in my
opinion is social. Most if not all societies, have over the years
evolved into male-dominated societies. When a man dominates, he can
enforce his possessiveness more effectively, and the resultant way of
thinking has percolated into upbringing. So women, in their
upbringing, are consciously or unconsciously fashioned to be loyal,
while there is not much of a restriction on men in this regard. So the
natural "sluttishness" in most women is suppressed, but the natural
"sluttishness" in men is live and kicking.

Wot say?