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Monday, December 20, 2004

Some people just don't get it!

yum yum,

the bulging ranks of the unemployed in my country is a testimony to the enormous interest in leisure that has gripped this nation

This is great. You are using what is a fall out of state-controlled policies to bash the free market ideas? Don't you know how many obstacles there are in the way of someone wanting to get employed, both directly and indirectly? From getting a rickshaw permit, to opening a restaurant...... from opening a factory, to even just opening a hair cutting saloon, there are so many obstacles.

You have the temerity to blame the free market for unemployment? If anything, the entry of free market ideas into India has created employment. People like you were up in arms over the privatisation of telecom in the early 90s. People like you claimed to be worried about the jobs of all the State Telecom Dept employees. Today the telecom sector employs twenty times as many people.

Justice is what society decides

This is probably the most hare-brained comment on the thread. Yum yum, there is nothing wrong with the Taliban then?

Why are consumers so special?

Actually this one is pretty hare-brained too.

Indian "liberatarians" are lazy and always want explanations.

Hasty generalization. The Indian Libertarians I know are Yazad, Madhu, Ravikiran, myself and a few others. Our blogs are full of examples. Indian leftists like you on the other hand, rarely have blogs. You give some sloppy analogy, not even example. You newton's law analogy is an excellent illustration. It is not only a flawed analogy, but is also wrongly used.

Yum yum, you make some pretty dubious arguments, and usually escape from them using the "difference of opinion" clause. Just saying that you condemn Hitler's genocides and racism isn't enough. especially when the "philosophy" you mentioned earlier easily justifies it.

Your whole approach to debating is pretty clear by now.

-You start off by opposing free market ideas.
-You use problems that were caused by leftist ideas to argue. -Then you keep going downward, until you reach first principles.
-Your first principles are rabidly leftist to say the least. Things like "justice is what society decides" and "freedom is a cliche that has caused the world strife".
-If someone attempts to show you the implications of your principles, using obvious arguments like the Hitler issue, you use some fancy word like "brahmastra", or make some joke, or just type "hahaha". However you evade the fact that your princples would indeed justify those problems.

Of course, you end it all by saying you dont advocate polcies(duh!!), and, just like skb, claim to be sitting on some fictitious pile of experience which, given your cowardliness in displaying your identity, no one can verify.

Most bloggers who debate stuff like this, be it a libertarians like Ashish Hanwadikar or Yazad Jal, or be it left-of-centre guys like C Kochukoshy or Sathish VM, let people know who they are. You people hide behind the convenient cloak of anonymity.

And then come up with fibs like "I was involved in the policy making decisions blabla". You might as well say you wrote the union budget.

The previous thread started as a debate between Ashish and Prashant, two individuals with names. It was hijacked by yum yum and skb, two anonymous wankers, who for all we know might be typing it all from a child asylum.

As I said before, some people just don't get that they are not welcome. Their vacuous real lives are to blame.