Vantage point

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

No scapegoats here

After a series of quakes and cyclones in the last decade or so, we have now been hit by an "imported" calamity - a tsunami! Is India the unluckiest country in the world? I don't think any other nation has lost as many people to natural calamities as we have.

By the way, it is annoying to see the media trying to find a scapegoat for this disaster. I hear statements like "It is because of our complacent mindset that we didn't anticipate a tsunami."

Hindsight is very fine, but how many people would have taken the idea of a tsunami hitting India seriously last week? Given that we have no recorded history of ever being hit by one?

The media should treat this tragedy as it is, an unfortunate incident, and play its part in healing the wounds rather than blaming the administration.