Vantage point

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Delhi Boor Ast

Yesterday I had gone to visit a business partner. He has shifted to Mumbai from Delhi six months back, and after discussing business, we got down to discussing how different the two cities are.

Of course, he spoke about how Delhi is a little too aggressive, and everyone wants to flash some "contacts" they have. As an example he told me that their company sold laptops to the Delhi Police department some years back, and ever since then the office boys in their organisation have been claiming to have contacts with the Police Commissioner. His point was that in Mumbai too, you could easily develop and utilise the contacts. Its just that Delhi-ites are more proactive, because they are more useful up North.

One thing I have noticed about Delhi is, no one ever stands up in its defence when you are discussing it. On the contrary they join you in criticisng the place. Everyone talks about how boorish Delhi is, how flashy Delhi is. But they all talk about Delhiites in third person, and never first person. You know what I mean? they never say "We Delhi-ites....". The impression conveyed is "Delhiites are like that, but I am not one of them. I abhor them"

For once I would like to meet a Delhiite who says "Yes, we Delhiites have these flaws, but then we are also..." and mention some good things. Coming from a "jajwalya abhimaani" place like Pune, this lack of pride Delhiites take in their city is baffling.