Vantage point

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well, It has happened. I made my debut as a Quiz Master a few days back.

I was hired by the IIT Kanpur people to conduct the business quiz in their fest, Antaragni. This is the first time I conducted a business quiz, and I hope it turned out fine. I also met another blogger Pranshu, who incidentally made it to the finals, representing IITK. There weren't too many business schools at the event, so the finals had 2 IIML teams and 4 IITK teams, and in the end the 2 IIML teams took the top 2 spots.

It was a great experience, starting my QM-ing career in the hallowed portals of an IIT. I look forward to more such opportunities. Meanwhile, if any of you people reading this want a Quiz Master for a General, Business, Sports, Entertainment or Tech quiz, let me know. Since I am new to the business, you will get a lot of cost benefits. ;)