Vantage point

Tuesday, May 13, 2003



Woo Hooooooooo!!!!

Heehee, while Steve Waugh talks of his wishes to beat India in India, two West Idians of Indian origin have just pulled off the greatest chase in the history of the game. They beat India's record made in 1975 in the process. Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan, take a bow!!

Anyway, while taking nothing away from this win, let me remind everyone that Australia has still won the series 3-1. However it feels nice when those guys go shooting off their mouths and then have to eat humble pie. Now I know why Lehmann is so fat...cos he keeps eating humble pie. ;-)

Anyway, read this about McGrath's shameful behaviour and tell me if it is not hypocrisy. Of course, everyone will go all "Awwww, his poor wife is ill and sarwan was such a jerk". Pardon me, but aren't these the same Aussies who defend everything saying "It is part of the game"? And let me take you 2 years back. Ganguly's marriage was on the rocks and there was news of his wife planning to move out of his house. At that time, it was this very McGrath who sledged Ganguly about his wife. Oh, but Donna Ganguly didn't have cancer did she? So that makes it OK I guess.

What I am saying is that who draws the line if you rationalise everything under the "It is a part of the game" line? Two days back, Steve Waugh displayed his immaturity. Of course he got away scot free. Two years ago, Slater had done everything but assault Dravid and Umpire Venkat. He got away scot free too.

This will keep getting worse. The thing that irks me is that the Aussies are cry babies who can't take what they are dishing out. South Africans give people lip too, but they don't start crying when they get some, neither do they get violent. The attitude is "Aussies ko sab kuch maaf".

I think one day an Aussie will get into a fight and seriously injure a player or an umpire, maybe even a career-threatening injury. And even then, they'll say "It is a part of the game".